Daniel Kawczynski – Lent 2016

Daniel Kawczynski will be speaking at Pembroke Politics on the 3rd March 2016, on “Britain and Saudi Arabia’s Political Relationship”, in the MIASU Seminar Room Social Anthropology Department, New Museums Site at 6:00pm.

Saudi Arabia has been a contested topic in recent years. The country has been accused of intentionally bombing civilians in its air strikes against Houthi Rebels in Yemen. This week the European Parliament called for a ban on all weapons sales to the country at a time when the UK has earned a total of £2.8 billion trading military equipment with Saudi Arabia since the Yemen conflict began.

Pembroke Politics welcomes Conservative MP Daniel Kawczynski  to discuss the contemporary significance of Saudi Arabian politics. Born in Poland and raised in England, Daniel is currently the MP for Shrewsbury and sits on the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee. As well as being the tallest ever MP to enter Parliament in 2005, Daniel is widely known as the ‘Honorable member for Saudi Arabia’. He has been outspoken in his support for the Saudi regime, arguing that there are good pragmatic reasons for the United Kingdom to consider Saudi Arabia as a ‘strategic ally’. His stance on the issue gained widespread attention when he went on Newsnight and accused the BBC of ‘appalling bias’ in its reporting of Saudi Arabia’s involvement in Yemen.

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