Pembroke Politics is the political society at Pembroke College, part of the University of Cambridge.

The society was founded by a HSPS undergraduate just a couple of years ago. It largely serves as a platform to invite interesting and influential speakers to speak at our college.

We have hosted political figures such as former UK Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Sir Alan Munro, speaking on his diplomatic career, Channel 4 News International Editor Lindsey Hilsum, discussing the issues in Ukraine, and former Home Secretary Charles Clarke, speaking on immigration. A highlight among our events was a very exciting panel on ‘The Kurds in a changing Middle East’, including Falah Mustafa, Head of the Department of Foreign Relations, Kurdistan Regional Government, Iraq, Alan Semo, PYD Syrian Kurdistan Foreign Relations Head, Dr Noel Guckian, UK Ambassador to Oman (2005-2011) and Head of Post and Consul-General for Northern Iraq in Kirkuk (2004-2005) and Pembroke’s own Renad Mansour, Department of Politics and International Studies, Cambridge.

We look forward to hosting many similar such events in the future. We have recently invested in a web platform to coordinate and publicise events, and also to publish student contributions on pertinent issues. This allows interesting, well-considered opinions to be shared, and is intended to encourage political thought and discussion at Pembroke.